The MoPOP: The Jim Henson Exhibit – Imagination Unlimited


As lifetime Sesame Street kids we took a trip to Seattle to check out The Jim Henson: Imagination Unlimited exhibit.  Expecting to see a visual display of Jim Henson’s incredible works, we were treated to an interactive exhibit that let us experience the world of a puppeteer.  The Jim Henson Exhibit will continue until January 3rd, 2018.  Without giving it away here are a few moments from our day in MoPOP. Scroll down to see our brunch recommendation and cool things coming up at MoPOP…


Designed by Frank O. Gehry, The MoPOP is a truly spectacular structure!  The super futuristic building is made of over 21,000 aluminum and stainless steel shingles.


Inside we were mesmerized by the dedication to rock legend, Jimi Hendrix. In the next room a Guitar Gallery matched guitars with the musicians that made them famous. i.e. The Axe Bass played by Gene Simmons of KISS.  The museum also features a Sound Lab where you get to let your creativity run wild!


Need food before the museum stop by Tilikum Place Cafe for brunch (call for reservations).  Quite possibly the best brunch we’ve had all year. We were too busy enjoying the food to take photos.  Have a great time at The MoPOP!

xo, Lilian and Justin

Coming soon:


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